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Proven, Reliable, and Cost Effective

Trends such as reducing costs, consolidation, and security concerns are driving the need for innovative changes (thinking out of the box) today. We fully understand the challenges facing federal clients. Our years of experience with municipal and private clients have resulted in cost-effective, value-added solutions, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each federal agency’s mission and strategic goals.

Our federal clients include the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Department of Defense (DOD); US ARMY, US Army Reserve Command (USARC), US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) and the US Army National Guard Bureau (NGB).  S&BI’s diverse projects have included engineering services for the world’s largest petroleum storage and transfer facility, the DOE’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve; the USARC Logistics and accounting operation; and the installation security master-planning for the US Army. We provide project and program management, logistics, and detailed engineering services, as well as flexible contract vehicles from Federal Indefinite Quantity / Indefinite Delivery (IDIQ) contracts to multiple GSA Schedules.

Additionally, our substantial experience with blast design and asset management provides an unparalleled resource to federal agencies handling safety and security issues.

  1. Department of Energy
  2. Hurricane Rita Storm Damage Roof Repair
  3. Supply Support Operations and Gateway/
    DODAAC Operations and PBUSE Support Operations
  4. U.S. International Boundary & Water Commission (USIBWC)