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Water/Sewer Improvments Project / New La Joya Water Treatment Plant

Water/Sewer Improvments Project / New La Joya Water Treatment Plant

City of La Joya, Texas

Provided topographic and boundary surveys of the water treatment plant site and off-site improvements, along with permitting services during the preliminary engineering phase and continued through the design/bidding phase until all permits were acquired.

Coordinated with the US Corps of Engineers, Texas Historical Commission, Texas General Land Office, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Department of Homeland Security, and TCEQ (plans and specs and SW3P).  Developed a map of the plant using aerial photographs. From this map, developed three layouts for consideration by the City of La Joya.

Prepared development costs for each of the three layouts.  A pre-design workshop was conducted to discuss major design issues.  Assisted in coordinating the funding agencies associated with the project and provided documents and project progression information to obtain project funding.  Project consisted of Preliminary engineering: survey, geotechnical investigation, and permitting, and the development of  site layout alternatives, Pre-Design workshop, and coordination with funding agencies.

Design involved preparation of contract documents and final drawings showing the scope, extent and character of the work to be performed and furnished by the contractor.  S&BI provided technical criteria, written descriptions and design data for use in filing applications for permits for final review or approval, and assisted the City of La Joya in consultation with appropriate authorities.  The City made use of  Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds from the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to complete this project.