+/- 17.11 Vacant Property

S&B Infrastructure, Ltd. (S&BI) conducted a Wetland Delineation of a parcel of land approximately 17.11 acres in size.  The +/-17.11 acres of land consisted of a previously developed residential property that had been abandoned for some time; Bordered by Loop 610 to the south, Brays Bayou to the north and west, and Willow Waterhole Bayou to the east in Houston, Harris County, Texas. S&BI conducted the day to day activities to complete the Wetland Delineation on time and within the established budget for this project and conducted the general oversight of the project in compliance with the terms and conditions of the project contract documents.


Field Activity Preparation and Historic Resources Review

S&BI compiled available information on soils, floodplains, national wetland inventory, aerial photographs and topographic maps. Such data was reviewed prior to the field investigation for this project.


Wetland Delineation Activities

S&BI conducted a field investigation of the project area for potential wetlands within the +/-17.11 acres site. For the Wetland Delineation activities, S&BI reviewed the vegetation, soils and hydrology throughout the project area. Four wetland areas, totaling 0.145 acre, were observed in the project area.


S&BI marked (with pin flags) potential wetland areas on this site, and recorded the location of these areas with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. The Wetland Delineation was conducted within the project limits using acceptable methodology and procedures provided in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) 1987 Wetland Delineation Manual (1987 Manual), including the Interim Regional Supplement to the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual: Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain Region (Regional Supplements).


Report Preparation (Including Exhibits and Photographs)

S&BI prepared a Wetland Delineation Report which detailed the results of the Wetland Delineation for the approximately 17.11 acre property. The report described the project area with respect to the three criteria of a wetland (e.g., soils, vegetation and hydrology). A Site Location Map was included in the Wetland Delineation Report as well as additional maps selected and/or prepared at the discretion of S&BI (e.g., Floodplain Map, National Wetlands Inventory Map, Soils Map, Topographic Maps, Aerial Photographs, etc.). A Wetland Delineation Map indicating the general location of all identified or potential wetland areas was also included with this report. Color photographs representative of the project area and potential wetlands were included in the Wetland Delineation Report.

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