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Infrastructure Expertise



Texas and Mexico share 1,254 miles of common border and are joined by 28 international 
bridges and border crossings. This number includes two dams, one hand-drawn ferry, 
and 25 other crossings that allow commercial, vehicular and pedestrian traffic.


S&B’s design knowledge and engineering expertise allows us to consistently deliver innovative 
yet practical solutions to bridge projects with varying degress of size, complexity and cosntructability. Bridge structures require careful planning, thorough design and execution of construction, ongoing maintenance and regular rehabilitation, inspection. and testing 
to achieve long-term performance.

S&B offers the following Bridge Design Services:

  • Roadway Overpass and Underpass

  • Railroad Overpass and Underpass

  • Pipeline bridge

  • Waterway Overpass

  • Pedestrian Bridge

  • International Bridge

  • Heavy Loading Bridge 

  • Culverts

Including the following structure types:

  • Superstructures

    • Concrete Bridges

      • Prestressed TX I-girder

      • Prestressed Box Girder

      • Prestressed Slab Beam

      • Cast In Placed Slab Beam

    • Steel Bridges

      • Plate Girder I Beam

      • Trapezoid Girder

      • Steel Roll Beam

  • Substructures

    • Multi-Column Bents

    • Hammerhead Bents

    • Straddle Bents

    • Post-tensioned Bents

  • Foundations

    • Drilled Shafts

    • Piles

    • Spread Footing


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