Downtown / Midtown Street and Utility Rehabilitation Construction Management

S&B Infrastructure, Ltd. (S&BI) provided construction management and inspection services for street restoration, utility relocations, sidewalk improvements, ADA upgrades / improvements, stormwater drain relocations and improvements for major thoroughfares such as Fannin and Congress Streets.


A construction sequence was developed which removed pavement from one side of a street and excavated to expose old utility pipes, leaving the other side open to traffic. Later, the construction team returned to remove the pavement from the open side of the street and repeated the entire construction process.


As contractors began replacing old pipes, they made sure that downtown businesses continued to receive water, sewer and electrical service. As the new pipes were installed underground, they were laced between electrical pipes and wiring connected to each building, old abandon work under downtown streets. New wires for streetlights and traffic signals were also installed. With so many contractors working on so many different jobs simultaneously, underground work was time consuming and complex.


Once old pipes were replaced and new fiber optic cables and wires were installed, utilities were diverted into the new duct bank. Contractors connected manholes to vaults surrounding the duct banks in case future repairs are necessary. In many cases, manholes and vaults had to be rebuilt during the process of building the new duct banks.  At last, it was time to actually begin the reconstruction of the street surface. The foundation of the street was prepared during a two-step process. After the first layer of the foundation was in place, new curbs and gutters were poured. Then, the foundation’s second layer was placed and the new driving surface was poured. After the new curb was poured, contractors began work on foundations for streetlights and poles to support traffic and pedestrian signals. Irrigation pipes to water new trees and plants surrounding the sidewalk areas were also installed.

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