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GIS / Mapping

PW-Design WW Treatment Plant City of McA

S&B Infrastructure, Ltd. has provided GIS services and design services, including data collection, mapping support and watershed modeling analysis for various projects.  S&B has fully trained personnel experienced in complex GIS applications. Our extensive ArcIMS/ArcSDE website development and mapping experience includes property parcel development, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, water lines, natural gas distribution systems, telecommunication cables and appurtenances, culverts, man-holes and hand-holes, and alternative studies for roadways.


S&B GPS crews have been using Leica Survey Grade GPS units for over 5 years. We have developed metadata and data collection standards around Spatial Data Standards to make sure projects are within GASB 34 guidelines. Our experienced GIS staff knows that client coordination is essential when mapping an operating facility and actively communicates to ensure the facility is not impacted.


Due to our fast and accurate mapping services, most of our work is from repeat clients.  We work with public and private client. S&B’s experience with cutting-edge GIS technology is our strongest asset and allows us to stand apart from our competitors. S&B is the only provider of a uniquely integrated asset management and facilities management system. Our field teams have direct access to GIS / GPS information, and our GIS staff can receive and download GPS data immediately. We have also developed a one-of-a-kind web site for information access.


Our environmental mapping services include but not limited to  overlaying site boundaries on aerial photographs, FEMA floodplain maps, USGS topographic quadrangles, National Wetlands Inventory maps, and soil maps. Our mapping experience includes wetland delineations, especially those projects requiring complex mitigation issues. 

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