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"Let's Never Do Anything We'd Be Ashamed Of"

Our History


In 1967, S & B was born when two friends agreed to invest their life-savings and start their own engineering firm. Their guiding principle was simple and straightforward – “Let’s never do anything we’d be ashamed of.” 

Since our founding, we have grown from a two-man operation to one of the largest EPC firms in the USA, capable of executing projects that are key to America’s energy and manufacturing independence

And yet, even though our company has grown in leaps and bounds over the five decades since our humble beginnings, we have always tried to live up to those modest eight words – “Let’s never do anything we’d be ashamed of.” 

Perhaps that is why our clients trust us time and again to design and build their most important projects, or why we enjoy some of the highest employee retention and craft labor rehire rates in the industry

Perhaps. We really can’t say for sure.  

Regardless, we will keep doing what we have always done – designing and constructing America’s energy infrastructure in a way that leaves us feeling proud of the work we have done.

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