Jeff Jerome, Col, USA (ret)

Vice President - Federal Services, S&B Infrastructure

Jeff serves S&B Infrastructure as Vice President of Federal Services. He is the central and primary point of contact for all federal opportunity pursuits in S&B Infrastructure.


A retired disabled veteran with 33 years in the United States Army Corps of Engineers. He has several Command assignments through Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn.  Prior to joining the S&B team Jeff did 2 years in the US DOT, Federal Highway Administration managing federal funding eligibility to TxDOT before 5 years as a FHWA-Federal Lands Division Project Manager and Construction Operations Engineer. He demonstrated cradle to grave project leadership supporting a variety of Federal Land Management Agencies such as the US Air Force OMAD Minuteman Nuclear Missile program; and the US Fish and Wildlife Service which brought him back to Texas.


Jeff has credentials ranging from Atomic Demolitions Munitions Officer, FAC-COR Level III certification, and Senior Instructor at the Engineer Center for Excellence, United Stated Army Corps of Engineers, Ft. Belvoir VA.