B2 Test Stand

The B-2 Test Stand was originally built to test the Saturn rocket stages that sent humans to the Moon.  The stand is being renovated to test the SLS core stage in late 2016 and early 2017.  Once the renovations are complete, the SLS stage (consisting of four RS-25 rocket engines) will be installed on the stand and tested.  The SLS is being developed to send humans to asteroids and Mars.


S&BI has completed a design package for the restoration of facility electrical systems.  These systems include general purpose power (receptacles and panels), lighting, obstruction lighting (FAA), grounding, and lightning protection for the 20-story facility.  The objective of this project was to provide a design to restore to original functionality general purpose power, lighting, grounding, and lightning protection in accordance with current industry standards and best practices.  Restored systems will have a minimum of service life of 25 years.  The services and deliverables to be provided included Progress and Design Review Meetings and Minutes, contract Drawings and Specifications, Calculations, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Design Schedule, and Construction Schedule.

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