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S & B to Perform Construction for Ethers Unit for LyondellBasell's World-Scale PO/TBA Project

S & B will construct an ethers unit in Pasadena, Texas as part of LyondellBasell's world-scale PO/TBA Project.

Houston, TX - S & B Engineers and Constructors, Ltd. (S & B) announced today that it was selected by LyondellBasell to perform construction for a portion of the PO/TBA Project, which will install the world's largest propylene oxide (PO) and tertiary butyl alcohol (TBA) plant. The PO/TBA Project, which represents the single-largest capital investment in the client's history, will be split into two main facilities: a PO/TBA plant to be located in Channelview, Texas, and an ethers unit to be located in Pasadena, Texas.

Under the contract, S & B is constructing the new 34-acre ethers unit at LyondellBasell's Bayport Complex in Pasadena. The ethers unit will convert TBA into two high-octane fuel additives which will be blended in gasoline to reduce emissions.

"S & B is honored to be trusted by the client with such an important and historic project," said Tommy Collins, Executive Vice President and COO of S & B. "We are proud to play a part in LyondellBasell's major US Gulf Coast organic growth program, which will bring significant economic benefits and job growth to Houston, S & B's hometown since 1967."

The work is being executed using S & B's Managing with Certainty® execution philosophy, including our industry-leading project management system (iPIMS®) and innovative Integrated Project Planning toolset.

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