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Collaborative Company Culture

Professional Careers

Our people are our greatest asset. 

Whether a long-time team member with decades of experience with our company or a new recruit on her first day, we treat all of our employees like family. And just like a family, we firmly believe that both employer and employee have obligations to fulfill.

We are committed to the development and personal success of each and every one of our employees, and in turn, we expect all of our employees to be committed to our core values of integrity, honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness. 

We are committed to making no compromises when it comes to safety, morality or ethics, and we expect our employees to do the same. 

In the simple words of our founders, “Let’s never do anything we’d be ashamed of.”

As a result of our True Blue culture, we have some of the best employee retention rates in the EPC industry. And while we love our current S & B family members, we are always looking to attract the best and brightest to join our team. 

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