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Safety Culture

"We make NO compromise with respect to Morality, Ethics, and Safety. If a design or work practice is perceived to be unsafe, we do not proceed until the issue is resolved."​


This mission statement has been the basis for our safety record being the best of any contractor in our business. This record has been acknowledged by our clients and peers repeatedly.

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OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs

S & B Engineers and Constructors, Ltd. successfully completed the final stage in its application to OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program better known as VPP. VPP is the premier recognition of a company's safety and health management programs and systems. This designation and posting of the trademark-registered logo tells the industry that we have a safety program and safe worksites that maintain the highest standard for workplace safety. VPP is so highly renowned that safety professionals across the country and thousands of executive managers of refineries, chemical plants, and manufacturers identify this program as being the highest level of recognition and achievement in the safety arena. Of the hundreds of thousands of companies in the U.S., only about 2,000 have received acceptance into VPP. S & B's acceptance not only marks a highpoint in that a construction company is accepted, but that S & B was accepted as a Mobile Workforce and accepted at the Star level, the highest level of achievement in VPP.


It is worth noting the different types of acceptance into VPP. Many of us are aware that "fixed sites" that fly the VPP flag such as refineries, chemical plants, and manufacturers comprise over 90% of VPP's membership. It is common for a company, like Valero or Shell, to have two or more sites that are VPP Facilities. Once a site has become VPP, the site usually requires all of its contractors to become VPP, especially since that contractor will work in that facility and must follow all of the sites rules. This arrangement has opened the door for many construction companies to receive the VPP designation, but only for that "fixed site."


S & B's VPP Star Mobile Workforce designation is a noticeable difference when compared to that of VPP for a "fixed site" in that S & B's designation goes where ever we have a workforce. This key feature allows S & B to fly the VPP flag at our worksites and use the VPP logo on vehicles, hardhats, etc. as a way of telling our industry of our achievement.


Congratulations to our employees on keeping a culture of “safety first.”

Zero Injury Approach


In our approach to a company-wide safety program, S & B is a proponent of the Zero Accident Process. We believe that all injuries, accidents and loss of property can be prevented. Our success has resulted from excellent management commitment, the correct philosophy and the right people. We are advocates of the CII Zero Accident Safety Techniques, and our goals are adopted by each subcontractor on the work site.


The following are components that make our safety program and those of our subcontractors successful:

  • Pre-project safety planning to design a program to meet the needs of the project, operations, and the specific units in which work will be performed.

  • Employee selection and hiring program to identify “at risk” employees and subcontract employees before they arrive on the job site including physical assessment, criminal and civil background checks, drug screen, and craft skills assessment.

  • Substance abuse screening program to ensure all employees and subcontractors are allowed to work in an environment free of substance abuse related risks.

  • Safety orientation and training program to ensure all supervisors, employees, and subcontractor employees know the site specific safety plan and are prepared to meet or exceed all requirements. This program will be centered on teaching the individual the methods to manage risk.

  • Safety recognition program to create a positive incentive to reduce “unsafe” behavior.

  • Continuous reinforcement program. Continuous training, meetings, promotions, and employee work group discussions to reinforce and maintain positive behavior.

  • Record keeping and follow up program to ensure the effectiveness of the plan and identify any weaknesses to be corrected.

  • Accident, injury and near miss investigations will focus on “fact finding” not “fault finding”.

  • Visual support of project and corporate management through appearance and participation at site inspections and safety related events.

  • Assignment of responsibility and empowerment to all levels of management, supervision, employees and subcontractor employees.

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