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True Blue

What is True Blue?

True Blue is going home safe at the end of each day with a feeling of pride in the work you have done to help build America’s energy independence.

True Blue is doing your best all-day, every day, because you know your employer truly cares about your success as an individual and believes in supporting your career development. 

True Blue is never making any compromise when it comes to safety, morality or ethics, and knowing that your employer will always have your back when you do the right thing. 

True Blue is being rewarded for hard work and innovation in a results-oriented environment. 

S & B is True Blue. 

Are you True Blue?  Visit our careers page!

Our Secret to Success: People

Whether a long-time team member with decades of experience with our company or a new recruit on her first day, we treat all of our employees like family. And just like a family, we firmly believe that both employer and employee have obligations to fulfill.

We are committed to the development and personal success of each and every one of our employees, and in turn, we expect all of our employees to be committed to our core values of integrity, honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness. 

We are committed to making no compromises when it comes to safety, morality or ethics, and we expect our employees to do the same. 

In the simple words of our founders, “Let’s never do anything we’d be ashamed of.” 

World-Class Project Execution Begins with a Well-Educated Workforce

While we have some of the best execution approaches and toolsets in the EPC industry, these are worthless without the right people to use them. This is why for decades we have focused on developing a culture which not only attracts the best and brightest, but also provides an environment where you can achieve your greatest success.

Young Professionals and Recent Graduates

Let’s face it – the EPC industry can often seem baffling and a little intimidating to those who are just entering the workforce. To help ease this transition, S & B established the Young Professionals Organization (YPO) in 2012. The YPO promotes personal and professional development opportunities for recent college graduates and other young professionals. 

YPO members learn first-hand about the EPC industry through a combination of onsite training sessions with experienced professionals as well as field trips to our active construction sites and third-party vendor shops. In the YPO, young professionals receive training and mentorship while forming professional relationships with their peers that will last for decades. 

Opportunities to Grow

At S & B, we believe strongly in rewarding those who work hard and consistently achieve positive results, regardless of their background. This philosophy is maintained all the way to the top. Several of our executives began their careers in the field as construction craft laborers and worked their way to senior management roles. Our Chief Operating Officer, Tommy Collins, began his career as a pipefitter helper and worked his way up to his current position. 

Pioneers in Craft Education and Workforce Development

For over 50 years, S & B has been a trailblazer in workforce development and the continuing education of our employees. In 2018, we celebrated the grand opening of our new and innovative Craft Education & Skills Enhancement Center in Baytown, Texas. 

The new training center serves as the central hub of our wider workforce development program, which also includes on-the-job activities at our construction sites as well as classroom training at our various locations around Houston. This allows our craft professionals to “earn-as-you-learn.” 

Our specialty apprenticeship programs actively recruit individuals who may not previously have considered careers in the construction industry. Past and current programs have focused on such groups as women, veterans and high school graduates who are not interested in college.  

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