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Young Professionals Organization


Established in February 2012, the S & B Young Professionals Organization (YPO) was created for incoming college graduates. Since its inception, the YPO has actively pursued its mission to promote personal and professional growth by empowering members through providing unique opportunities for leadership, learning, networking and volunteering.

YPO offers quarterly training initiatives and monthly lunch & learns, which include topics like breaking down the phases of a project, explaining how the different departments work together and even offers members exposure to upper management, who often explain things from their day to day activities, to the career path that led them to their current role.


YPO members are able to gain industry and company knowledge with some of S & B’s most experienced employees offering their teaching and mentorship.

Make no mistake, the YPO is not confined to hosting events inside the office only. Educational trips to project jobsites are not uncommon, whereby members get a true idea of what S & B does as a company. Networking and/or social events are also held monthly and are usually conducted at a local favorite restaurant or event center such as Top Golf.


Volunteer opportunities are abundant throughout the year. The YPO hosts various food drives, yearly school supplies drives,

bi-annual blood drives, and an annual Christmas toy drive to name a few. 


Simply put, the YPO’s goal is to help its members achieve professional development, provide a social setting for employees of all levels to come together, and offer team building and volunteer opportunities as to create a positive impact on the community.

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